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About Us

Gigs-N-Geeks   was founded in 2013. It majorly focuses on helping individuals achieve extra income doing what they love to do on their free private time.

Gigs-N-Geeks is a virtual marketplace where you easily can dig out the most of your talents/skills. Enabling home bound people, students and freelancers to get introduced to an extremely viable platform for a permanent and hugely profitable source of income. We pride ourselves in creating unlimited scope for business growth. Right from social media strategies, bookmarking, graphic designing, content creation to numerology, product review, origami or any other skill. Gigs-N-Geeks has an exhaustive range of services offered by trustworthy and highly professional people at a reasonable price ($5 up to $50.). Termed as ‘Gigs’, these services and/or items are delivered keeping intact our assurance for quality and professional standards followed by our users.

Our services are open to all and to avail the same the buyers and sellers must get themselves registered with us and that too for FREE!

Gigs-N-Geeks capitalizes on a growing mico-employment trend that brings together people with marketable skills with those who need them. Gigs-N-Geeks features a user-friendly interface where members can post jobs that they’re willing to do to help others in our Community!.

Micro working is basically freelancing on a much smaller scale. Gigs-N-Geeks allows people to make money online using a super simple business model. Basically you offer to provide a service or perform a specific task  and people pay you a fixed price to do it for them. That’s it!

All you have to do is come up with a service or task and post your job on the site. Gigs-N-Geeks takes care of the listing  notify you when you have a customer and look after payment. All you have to do is provide the service and make money.

Gigs-N-Geeks provides a cost effective way for business owners to outsource small one-time tasks that need to be done. There’s none of the hassle or expense of running an ad, then interviewing prospective employees. Gigs-N-Geeks is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year. It also provides those will marketable skills a way to generate additional income. Sellers are only limited by their own creativity.

Gig-N-Geeks main objective is that  is to provide a genuine and truly reliable platform for buying and selling micro jobs across the world with ease. We let people explore the never-before-conceived methods of income and also encourage them to earn an extra buck through an easy and hassle free method.

Our users are our strengths and therefore ensuring their happiness is our top priority. Keeping this mission in mind, we allow only quality transactions on our site and also adhere strictly to our stringent privacy policy to safeguard the privacy of our valued users. Our website is fully secured and we take regular initiatives to remove any inappropriate content or spam that poses a threat to our users.

We hope to see ourselves among the top leaders in the field of online marketing and service providing and with promise of staying true to our objective, we shall continue to serve our clients in the best manner.

Sellers promote their Jobs on Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter. Payments are made securely by PayPal.

So if you are a talented Mummy or Student looking to make some extra money doing something you enjoy, Gigs-N-Geeks is the place to start.