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Buying on Gigs-N-Geeks

Initially you need to register an account at Gigsandgeeks.com through Email verification. Thus you will have full access to this site.

When you are placing your jobs buying order, our recommendation is to know the seller personally before submitting your order and be clear about job’s all possibilities as well as seller’s availability and the delivery time.

If you are a buyer, then establish your profile by giving all of your relevant information. It will help the seller to know about you and also to think about you seriously.

There are some aspects which are necessary to perform when you wish to buy Jobs from Gigsandgeeks.com. They are easy to understand and simple to perform. Once it is done, you will find easy buying at Gigsandgeeks.com

Surf the site to search interesting jobs for you.

In case of searching, you will find three options to make your task easy-

  1. Your search could be done through keywords on our site or
  2. Searching might be accomplished by browsing through category and then choose your desired one or
  3. Again if any member is known to you then search the user by respective username to select his or her job.

If you are satisfied with your demands, then don’t be late to place your order! 

Post Order Details

When you have clear payment system for the order placed, then you need to be clear about the aspects mentioned below.

Feel relax when your part is done for now and give a time to complete your order. If the seller feels the information you have provided is not sufficient for him/ her and then he/she may contact with you demanding additional information through your registered email address. When all the formalities are done, that means, your order is ready you will have an email in your registered email address from us.

Verify your order and if it is downloadable, then download the same.

Then you will have to give your valuable feedback to the seller.

If you feel so happy after the execution of the order you can tip the seller as a symbol of satisfaction; buy one of his/her job to do so. Let the seller know that, it is just a tip for him as no need to work on the ordered job.

So keep enjoying your order on Gigsandgeeks.com. To share your joy, don’t miss to help your known buddies by informing the stunning job deals available on this site.

Payment Details

After the completion of all understandings about your job(s) clicking on the order option will lead you to the payment page. Here you need to select your payment system.

Click on the corresponding link of your favorable payment gateway. In this way, complete total payment process and diverge back to Gigsandgeeks.com.

After the completion of you profile’s payment histories updated site will redirect you to the order tracking page.

On this page, you will need to provide information to the seller which they must have had requested. Because if you do not give the requested information, order placed by you will not be informed to seller. Once you submit the information as required by the seller, he/ she will be informed about your order and gets initiated for processing.