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Attention! Read submission guidelines first. According to the rules mentioned here create exclusive and exciting job. To make your job lucrative and to attract more visitors add interesting images, videos or content; but needs to be relevant to the job.

Now you are ready to sell your amazing job(s). To start the selling process, click on the ‘Start Selling’ or ‘Create a Job’ from the top Navigation Menu. It will direct you to the Job creation page.If you have talent or if you possess any such skill that you want to sell then join with us. We provide best deals online to help you to be a seller.

You will find yourself in an easy work to sell jobs at gigsandgeeks.com. For this, you are required to complete some stress-free steps.

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Complete the email verification to have full access to this site.  Update your profile with full information if you want to inform the buyer that leads to think seriously about you. 

Order Processing Details:

When buyer will contact for any clarification after knowing your jobs crudely, give authentic and quick replies.

We will give you an email to your registered email ID when a buyer orders as per your information.

You need to login to your account on gigsandgeeks.com then to access the order from Manage Sales link. What are the required details? Check it out and process the order.

Always perform the delivery before date you are obliged to complete the duty to increase your reputation and have some other benefits. Don’t forget to ask the buyer to leave a feedback, which will increase your reputation as a seller.

You are ready to withdraw your payment by the withdraw deadline once the order is completed.

Keep enjoying your works of creating more innovative jobs and also earn money. We are always here to wish you all the best.

We have changed to holding period for your sales from 14 days to only 8 days. We know that sellers need their money as soon as possible.

Post Submission

After creating the job, wait and give chance to the moderation team to review your jobs. If your job gets pass then we have various types of offer to promote your job on gigsandgeeks.com. Paypal charges a fee on each withdrawal and that will be automatically deducted by them each time from the sellers' withdrawn amounts.

Posting Gigs: Do not post same gig more that one time. Do not copy others gigs, If you do your account will get suspended the first time and deleted the second time. We do check for this often.

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If you wish beyond our services, you can also submit your jobs to all of your social networking sites to have greater promotion.

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This exciting feature is for all the sellers on gigsandgeeks.com. To bring your job on the main page of gigsandgeeks.com you can go to your detailed job page and keep clicking Push to Top link every day. The advantage is that, the main page is mostly visited by the buyers and by doing so you can grab a buyer easily.

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You will get more mileage of your job on our site, because we used to submit our client job on different social network like Facebook, Twitter, Google+,  and so on. Our promotion does not confined  to this, we also promote our site by different ways such as advertising banner or contextual links besides Search Engine Optimization (SEO), directory submissions, RSS feed submissions and many similar types of facilities.

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