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soferauto (Level 1)

Rated: 100% Positive
member since Apr 24, 2013 Contact

Dad, author and internet marketer. I'm usually 24 hours online. A better communication makes a better deal and a quality final product. Leave me a message anytime to get to know about my gigs if you are having any problems...Cheers !!!

Jobs by soferauto

I will fix your WordPress issue or problem or error for $5

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I will be happy to help you fix your WordPress issue! For only $5, one problem fixed!

Rank 1 google, This will increase your exposure as my site is laser targeted for micro jobs. I will keep your post forever and promote the same like my own micro jobs. Will worth ten times for only $5. ***** Your BONUS – All your microjobs will be manually submitted to PINTEREST This micro job is available ONLY for sellers from gigsandgeeks. No illegal content allowed.

I am a Romanian native, professional copywriter. I will write “friendly SEO” content in Romanian, all my content will pass Copyscape. Any subject MARKETING MATERIALS included… Feel free to provide keywords.

I will make a unique, personalized, HD video with me presenting your fiverr like site. Could be a tutorial about why people must register to your site or could be a simple 2 minutes presentation.

I will insertYour 250 x 75 banner on my site for $10

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Rank 1 in google, 400k in alexa few thousands of unique visitors, established domain on fiverr world. Your banner will stay one month and you’ll receive targeted traffic for your fiverr like site.

I will clean up audio files up to 30 minutes for $10

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If you have a video or home recording with poor audio sound, I can clean up for only $10 I will remove background noise, clean gaps on any music or audio track Maximum 30 minutes of audio – almost all file types, but I do prefer .wav format. Please keep in mind that .mp3 file format always have artefacts in the recording and will always have a poorer quality of audio, but if you don’t mind then I don’t either.

For 10 dollars I will help you install wordpress and 15 necessary plugins, seo included. And you’ll receive an amazing bonus – any elegant theme of your choice on your current hosting account. You can take a look at all the elegantthemes here, Themes are acquired directly from the elegantthemes member’s area and are 100% legal to use.

We are giving you the secret recipe of our grandmother’s amazing food. But that’s not all! We will also give you an informative tutorial video that will teach you how to make it. We hope that you enjoy this amazing Romanian recipe as much as we do.

This micro job is for fiverr like sites hubs on hubpage ONLY!. I will provide a short comment concerning the hub and then vote up the hub itself and give a like. I will also follow the account with my hubpage account + pin your hub on pinterest + tweet to my twitter account which has around 13K followers. *****This micro job is for fiverr like sites hubs on hubpage ONLY!.

I will Give You 1000+ Real Twitter Followers for for $5

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1000+ REAL UNTARGETED Twitter Followers. Almost of them are active users. We use Follow First Method. The final results you will got the number of followers bigger than following. We need your twitter account and PASSWORD. I’ll keep your password secure! We never make bad tweets on your account. Don’t use another service/tools during our work. . Order more 1000 need more than 14 days.

I will develop your logo in 48 hours for $10

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I will design a killer and high quality LOGO, an effective and custom made logo for your website, company or business. Your logo will be specifically designed from scratch to meet your needs and stand out from the others! You’ll receive a transparent and ready-to-use PNG file

I will make love gifts Unique cards for $5

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Choosing an amazing present can sometimes be hard! Overshoot is not something you want end up doing. What you need instead is simple a unique and original card. You can never go wrong with a lovely Card. Get your love most flattered when they receive a unique card with your best words on it!

This software helps you get turn by turn directions anywhere in Europe. It transforms your Android phone into a voice-guided GPS navigation system. It stores all the maps, highways and Points on your device so you don’t need to pay internet connection charges in order to seek directions.Order now for 10 dollars!

I will Create A Simple 3D Animation Intro for $5

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I will create a simple HD 3D animation intro for you with sound and upload on one of our high rank youtube channels. Please provide text and expect a good impression for your branding development Will be yours in 24 hours for only $5.

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I will create an AWESOME high impact photo slide show for $5

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I will create a high impact and visually stunning photo slideshow of 30 of your fantastic pictures to show off to your family and friends. Your video will be the same as the one opposite only with your pictures and text that you want. Landscape layout photos work best Simply provide 30 pictures, and text required. We provide music also or you can choose based on your desire.

More on YouTube

A journey of just three to four hours, by car or train, can take you from the Danube River to beautiful, intact medieval towns in Transylvania; from Bucharest – Romania’s capital city – to the Black Sea; from Southern Transylvania to Bucovina or to Maramures. Take a step back in time as you enter one of the world’s famous painted monasteries here, the Sighisoara citadel or a centuries-old village in Maramures.

I will make 10 unique photos of me holding your logo or sign business. Of course appropriately behavior. No illegal content. pictures will be of high quality. Famous locations: – Palace of the Parliament of Romania – According to the World Records Academy, the Palace is the world’s largest civilian building, most expensive administrative building, and heaviest building.

Pinterest is a top traffic driver for your online business, you must be on Pinterest. I will REPIN your 5 existing pins to my Pinterest board and I will following you. Each repin will be tweet on a twitter account with 13.000 followers, mainly from USA and Canada. NOTE: This is a REPIN GIG, so you need to have already an account.

Welcome to the most fast and turnaround service! We are professional team that work to deliver 50+ youtube likes /views to your video within few days. We commit to deliver 100% youtube likes and views from real human, no robots or proxies. We do not use black hat methods. 100% satisfaction GUARANTEED.

I will translate a text from english to romanian for $5

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I am native romanian speaker with experience in translations. I will translate a text from english to romanian. No more than 300 words.

I will send you my best antivirus software for $5

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Hi,I provide anti-virus software.Every machine needs to have anti-virus software installed. In this day and age you don’t even have to be doing anything to get infected so make sure your computer is protected.. Just ONLY $5,protect your safety over the internet today.

I will Promote Your Product On 10 Social Networking for $5

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Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Linkedin, Orkut, Friendster, Stumbleupon, Del.icio.us, Digg, G+. I will do 3 times a day for 3 days and if I like your business will be more. Please do not order if you don’t provide accurate info or your product is porn, dating, sexually-oriented, gambling, hate, drug or illegal content.

I own lots of WordPress blogs so I’m able to give you good advice about: – how to find up best WordPress theme for you. – how to set up your first WordPress blog. – how to become better blogger. – how to seo optimize. – and much more… Time : one hour and if I will like your way of thinking will be more.

I will install wordpress blog with a professional ecommerce theme for $5

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Hi, I will install wordpress on your domain and I have an excellent eye catching and fully functional e-commerce theme which I will install it and I will also install all the plugin required just for $5 Order NOW!!!!

I will do Simple Privacy Policy for Your Website for $5

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For $5 will write a basic Privacy Policy for your website or blog! Your privacy policy will be unique to your site, but will be formatted around the basic structure of what is essentially needed or regarded as a quality privacy policy. Please do not order if you don’t provide accurate info or your product is porn, dating, sexually-oriented, gambling, hate, drug or illegal content!

I will review your resume and provide feedback for $5

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I am hired to present at business conventions about 2 times a year and resume writing is my most popular and successful seminar that I do. I charge anywhere from $100 to $2,000 to do a class. I will take a personal look at your resume and give you feedback on what you may want to add, remove, or change! — I am recognized as an expert on making applicants stand out and I would like to help you!

f you like to learn how to draw, you’ve come to the right place! For only $5 you’ll receive more than 125 step by step how-to-draw lessons. These lessons are are real inexpensive way to improve your skills or to uncover hidden talents. Order NOW!

I will Manually Submit 2 Genuine Qualitative Alexa Reviews For Your Site for $ 5 I will submit 2 genuine alexa review with manually from different users for your website within given time. You know that alexa reviews is very effective to get high PR value from google and other search engines. Please do not order if you don’t provide accurate info or your product is porn, dating, sexually-oriented, gambling, hate, drug or illegal content!

I will will promote your Music/Photography/Art for $5

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As a promoter I am capable of getting you the audience you deserve for your hard work. I understand the difficulties that face promoting oneself and through various websites such as; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest,Tumblr and more. I am able to send a large number of relevant viewers to your various social media pages that will help you gain the following you deserve.

I will Send You To A SECRET Website for $5

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I will send you to a website with amazing legitimate online business where you can find real ways to make money online. Don’t spend your time and money on scams and fake projects just order for $5 NOW!

I will answer any 5 questions you may have about Romania for $5

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Fun & Interesting Facts about Romania The capital of Romania is Bucharest, once popular as the ‘Paris of the East’. The Dacian fortresses of the Orastie Mountains, in Romania, belong to the Late Iron Age. Irish author Bram Stoker based his horror novel ‘Dracula’ on the fifteenth century Wallachian Prince, Vlad Dracul of Romania. Send me your 5 questions now.

I will give 10 good advice about buying used for $5

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I can provide 10 good advice on entering into the used car business as well as advice on purchasing a used car that might save you money. I’m the manager of a used car site and can give you great inside info!!

I will send you an amazing CSS3 course for $5

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If your goal is to be an app developer or if you’re an interactive media designer or even you’re a novice web developer with no expertise then this course is for you. Order now for only 5 bucks!

Hey, thanks for looking at my facebook timeline cover design gig! I shall let my portfolio do the talking Interested? Place the order and send me the following 1) Is it a business or personal page? 2) URL to your site/page 3) Images ie. product images, self portrait etc… 4) Text/info to insert 5) Visual preferences(a reference image would be good).No illegal content, read the facebook rules for more info.

Are you a member of an affiliate program and do you want to get a lot of sales/sign-ups right away? To do so, you have to know how to promote your affiliate link and/or product. I give you good promotion advice and this will increase your chances for success. There is only one condition – to work using my advice because I did not lie to you, it takes work and time. If you agree with what is written above, you can order

I will Give You the Best Data Recovery Software for $5

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Did you accidentally delete your data? Break or lose your iPad,iPhone, or iPod? If so, don’t worry, now you can recover your lost data from your devices. Contacts, pictures, MMS, SMS, text messages, videos, and other data that might otherwise be lost. Order now for few bucks!

I will promote your link to my 12,000 followers on Twitter for $5

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I will promote your message and link to more than 12,000 genuine followers on Twitter. I will do 5 times a day for 2 days and if I like your business will be more. You just need to provide me with the message to tweet and make it as appealing as possible. No illegal content allowed.

I will post your Website, Blog, Facebook Page or Micro Job (with a short ad) as status on the walls of 25 of my Facebook Pages (which total over 6,000 Fans) and also as my status on my Facebook profile and principal Facebook Page -Worldmicrojobs. Plus I will post your url & message on my twitter accounts –20,000 followers. You’ll get fastest delivery, highest quality and best social exposure. No illegal content allowed.!

*****Promote your business with High Quality Social Bookmarking Submission***** 50 Retweet + 50 Google Plus + 50 Facebook Like = 150 Votes You will receive a complete report Please do not order if you don’t provide accurate info or your product is porn, dating, sexually-oriented, gambling, hate, drug or illegal content.

I will write any message that you will ever desire on my hand. I will send it in high resolution. For your business, buddy, self, sister, grandma,brother,son,daughter ETC..THE LIST GOES ON… Ex: Happy Birthday Person, I love ya, peanutbutterpicklesauce..I LOVE YOU GIGSandGEEKS GET THIS GIG NOW YOU’LL LOVE IT

I will coach you for a 15 minute Strategy Session for $5

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*****Only for fiverr like site owners. As an old publisher author on fiverr world I will help you define opportunities for your fiverr business and review areas to potentially increase revenues. I am looking for coaching clients to work with and grow their business our call will be via Skype or phone. ***** Only for fiverr like site owners.

I will manually comment on 12 of your blog posts for $5

  • positive0% Positive

I will comment on 12 of your blog posts. Search engines love lots of content. Having comments left on your blog posts can lead to an increase in your website search engine ranking by search engines such as google, yahoo, bing, picking up the key phrases used in the comments and it will promote healthy conversation on your blog. I can comment in either Romanian, English, French or German and will provide screen shots as additional proof .

I will make you a HD video for $5

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Will be done using your info (pics) like website pages, family pictures, travel pictures so on. I will host on my high rank youtube channel and you’ll receive a 4 rank high quality backlink. Please do not order if you don’t provide accurate info or your product is porn, dating, sexually-oriented, gambling, hate, drug or illegal content.

I will give you easy logo maker software for $5

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If you are not satisfied with your logo design and you you want to create your logo by yourself with your own ideas and imagination then this service will provide you a simple software with easy step by step processes on how to create a logo design for your websites, products, company and more. Order now for $ 5.

I will make 3 of your photos into cartoon for $5

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Easy and simple 24 hours service. You can see my son sample. Your three pics become awesome cartoon designs for only $5. Please send high resolution pics. Order twice and you’ll receive 10 cartoon designs.

I will send you Marketing graphics Toolkit Version for $5

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I will give you the finest marketing graphics kit for only $5, this includes hundreds of new fonts including the popular 3D sparkling fonts along with website templates, buy now buttons, header banners, footer banners, jpg, psd, you name it this package has it. You can create awesome graphics without the use of PhotoShop, Dreamweaver or any of those other hard to understand programs. This is a steal.

I will Publish 25 Of My Gigs On Your Website for $5

  • positive100% Positive

I will publish 20 of my micro jobs on your fiverr like site with one condition – must have Terms Of Service completed and published. You'll be more than happy so why not order right now?

I will Resize Your Digital Pictures for $5

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Do you need to resize large images into smaller size images? I will resize any photo you send me to the dimensions you specify.Let’s say a friend sends you a 6MB photo that is 30inchesx30 inches but you need this photo to be a 4×6 size.Send it to me and I’ll do the rest. If you are a marketer you may need to have a banner resized or an image sized down for a website. This does not include re-editing a photo which is extra. Just resize the photo.