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upstate2point0 (Level 1)

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Jobs by upstate2point0

I will write gaming content for your site for $5

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I have numerous gaming published articles and credentials. I will provide gaming content for your site. Gaming News: 150-300 words usually ($5) Android Gaming Reviews: 150-300 ($10) (Xbox 360 or PC) Game Reviews: 350-500 words ($10) All games to be reviewed will be chosen by me (they will be newly released Xbox 360 games or PC games within the past two weeks).

I will comment on YOUR blog post, website post, or forum post with my original ideas for $5. For example, if you are looking for public opinion on a topic, or you've created a "best of" list that you want opinions on, or a simple response to any forum topic, I will respond to it respectably and with a point. If I am not a member of your forum, I will create a membership to your forum (only if its free).

I will write a review of your android app or game for $5

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I will review your android app or game on the google play market place, or provide a .doc review of the app/game for you to post on your own website. The review will be between 200-400 words. THE GAME or APP MUST BE FREE ON GOOGLE PLAY!

I will tweet Your Product or Business 4300 REAL Followers for $5

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I will tweet your product or business to my 4000 REAL Twitter followers.Twitter handle Upstate2point0 I'm a very active twitter member, and have active followers.

I will create 10 quality new topics on your forum for $5

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I will create an account on your forum, and create 10 quality new topics in different sections of your forum under that account.